1Is MonEcard a credit card?
No, it’s not a credit card. The MonEcard Prepaid Debit Card is a better way for you to manage your spending. Unlike a credit card, you load money on your card before you make purchases, so you can choose just how much to spend. Since you’re not borrowing money, there are no credit checks, no interest and no late fee!
2Can I use my MonEcard straight away?
Simply follow the instructions that come with your new card and go to our website Login area and activate your card. Alternatively you can call the Customer Services team on Tel: +1 234 738 1990 (International) or +597 719 2481 , or email us via our website for assistance.
3How long does it take to get my card?
You can expect to receive your card in 10 business days from the time you request your card pending ID verification.
4Can I use my card for everyday purchases?
Yes. You can use your MonEcard at over 28 million retail outlets worldwide wherever the MasterCard® acceptance mark is displayed. You can use your MonEcard Card to pay for almost anything, as long as you have sufficient funds in your account. You can use your card online, by phone and in store, for everyday purchases such as: groceries, petrol, paying bills, booking travel and even topping up your mobile phone.
5Can I get cash from an ATM?
Yes, You can get cash from any cash machine that displays the MasterCard®, Maestro® or Cirrus® acceptance marks. Please refer to the fees summary section on our website for more information about the ATM cash limits you can withdraw from your account. Selected ATM owners may charge an additional fee.
6Is there a limit to how much cash I can withdraw from my card each day?
Yes. The maximum combined amount you may withdraw per day at an ATM* and at bank counters is $2000 per day. If you reach this daily ATM withdraw limit you can still purchase goods and services from retailers provided you have sufficient funds in your account. The Point-of-Sale (POS) purchase limit is $25,000 per day.
7Can I use my MonEcard abroad?
Yes. Your MonEcard Card is welcome wherever the MasterCard® acceptance mark is displayed, at more than 28 million retail outlets globally, and you can use your card to get cash at MasterCard® cash machines* all over the world.
8Is it possible to have an overdraft?
No, MonEcard is a pre-paid debit card, meaning you can only spend the amount you have topped up. You must not spend more money than you have on your account. Any attempt to do so may result in criminal and/or civil action being taken against you, and cancellation of your card.
9What is this $100 charge for gas at the gas station? I only bought $15 worth of gas.
Did you pay at the pump? When you insert your card to the pay at the pump outside the gas station, there is a preauthorization amount up to $100 or more put on to your card. If you do not have $100 available, then the hold is put on all of the remaining funds. Once the station settles your transaction for the actual amount pumped, the remaining funds are released back to your account. This typically takes a few days. The reason for the hold is that there is no way of knowing how much fuel you will pump. Since this a prepaid card, this feature prevents you from overdrawing your account. To avoid this hold, you can pay inside by going directly to the attendant to authorise the exact amount you wish to purchase.
10Why is there an extra hold on my rental reservation?
Some hotels, car rentals / airfare reservations may place a hold of up to 20% or more as an authorization hold on hotel/lodging, car rentals and airfare/cruise reservations. When the hotel/lodging, car rental or airfare/cruise purchase is finalized, you will be charged the amount of the purchase and the 20% or more authorization hold will be released back and returned to your card. This typically takes a few days. Always ask at the reservation how much extra, if any will be put on hold on your card. That way you are aware of what’s available for you to use and what’s been put on hold by the merchant – to be released once your stay at the hotel is finished or upon return of the rental car etc.
11How do I keep track of my purchases and how much money is on my card?
It’s easy to manage your money and keep track of your MonEcard account. Just go online the cardholder login area to see every transaction with the merchant name, purchase date, the amount of the purchase or ATM transaction as well as an up-to-date total of how much money is on your card.
12Will I have to pay any interest?
No. There is no interest to pay and no late payment fees on your MonEcard.
13How do I get more information about MonEcard ?
If need more information please contact us via the “Contact Us” area on our website. You can also email us at: info@monecard.net.